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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About Us:

Hello! I am Natalie! I made this blog because, I live by the most hobo infested place in the world. Seattle. I find hobos quite funny in a way. Many stories why. Yet again, it's very sad about hobos, homeless, needy, ect. They live very hard lifes. In the Winter they have no food or warm clothes. They get sick. It's really bad if you look at it. So this blog is for helping the homless on the streets of your city, and trying to see how bad they have it. Yes, they are scary. I sometimes help by giving a hobo an extra dollar. Yes, he may go buy alcohol or drugs, but sometimes it feels good just helping someone. Even if they weren't helping themselves. Also, giving out meals insted of money, you just made their day. Now they had a nice meal and won't die on the streets dying. Because NO ONE in America should die hungry. Not anywhere, but in a country like this, no one should. No, you don't 'adopt' a hobo, you really just try helping them out once in a while. Don't sit and laugh when they are yelling or dancing or dressed all funny right there in front of them, laugh when you get in your car. But it still is sad. Please follow this, I will be posting pictures and posting the experiences I had when I am in Downtown Seattle

Give a hand, help a man.

Sincerly, AAH

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